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Tuesday , 18 September 2018

Professional Dancer with Huge Birthmark on Her Face Refuses Surgery

cassandra naud

Professional dancer Cassandra Naud, 22, is not letting her quite large facial birthmark get in the way of her pursuing her dreams. She says that she loves her unique appearance and refuses to have plastic surgery to remove the birthmark on her face.


cassandra naud

The dancer, from Alberta, Canada, was born with a large birthmark on her right cheek. Her parents were given the option to have it removed, but concerned that it would leave her face heavily scarred, they decided against it. Cassandra says she is happy with the decision that her parents made as the effects of surgery could have been extremely damaging.

She says: ‘People should appreciate their individuality. Times are changing, so don’t worry about looking normal. Don’t let bullies stop you and be proud of your uniqueness.’


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