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Tuesday , 18 September 2018

How To Make Your Own Face Mist

make your own face mist

When it comes to looking refreshed, summer can be challenging, especially when it’s humid or if you’re physically active.

Mist your face to re-hydrate and freshen your makeup. It’s pretty easy to make your own face mist at home and you’ll save a lot of money doing so. Face mists only contain a handful or ingredients and cost around $10-$40. Besides the money-saving aspect, making our own face mist give you complete control over what you put on your skin. Some face mists have synthetic fragrances, alcohol, or other ingredients that can cause dryness and irritation. But when making your own the possibilities for ingredients are endless: essential oils, aloe vera, witch hazel, rose water, coconut water, plant extracts, green tea — the list goes on.


How to make your own face mist:

You’ll need a few spray bottles to keep your face mist in. You can either use mineral water, distilled water or green tea in your face mist. Green tea is an antioxidant that soothes redness and dry skin. Use two bags for each cup of boiled water.


Lavender & Aloe Vera Mist

This face mist is so relaxing. Spray it on after a long day in the hot summer sun or before bed. It will cool you down, and the aloe vera will soothe your skin. Plus, the therapeutic lavender scent will help you ease into sleep.

Fill up the spray bottle about half or 3/4 of the way with water and add as many drops of lavender oil as you like. Fill up the rest of the bottle with aloe vera, and shake it up.


Rosewater Mist

Rosewater has tons of beneficial properties for skin. It hydrates and soothes red dry and sensitive skin. Best of all, rosewater makes this facial mist smell delicately sweet.

Mix equal parts of rosewater and tea or water.


Witch-Hazel Mist
This mist is great if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Witch hazel is an excellent natural toner that improves the look of pores.

Fill up the spray bottle about 3/4 of the way with water and then top it off with witch hazel.

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