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How To Get a Silky Smooth Shave

We all know how to do it, but not everyone knows how to get the best results and the softest legs. The following tips are the basics of a great, smooth shave.


1. Use a mild scrub to help keep flaky skin at a minimum,  which means you can get a closer shave.

2. Shave in a warm shower or bath, if possible. Wait a few minutes before starting to let the hair soften.

3. Use a shaving cream with moisturizing benefits, it make the shaving easier and more comfortable.

4. For best results, shave against the growth of hair using careful strokes and applying even pressure. If you go too fast with an unsteady hand, you will be sure to get cuts and razor burn on your legs. And don’t go over the same area too many times.

5. Rinse the blade between every stroke, and be sure to keep the razor wet while you’re shaving.

6. After you are done, rinse area and pat dry with towel. Don’t rub with the towel the action of shaving has already exfoliated your skin and further rubbing can cause irritation and create problems.

7. Apply a light lotion. You don’t want anything too thick to clog the hair follicle. But something light will help hydrate the skin and make it look more soft and smooth.

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