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Tuesday , 18 September 2018

How To Draw The Perfect Eyebrows

If you’re not naturally born with perfectly shaped and thick eyebrows, which almost no one is, then eyebrows is a important step in your makeup routine. You will need to groom, shape and fill in your eyebrows to soften your look and open your eyes.

This picture below will simply show you how to fill in your eyebrows easily with a eyebrow pencil. The best way is to stick with whatever shape you already have but just make it stronger.


how to draw eyebrows

Start with drawing a sharp edge under the eyebrow. Then a little more than the half of the eyebrow on the upper part. Skip the first part so it looks softer and more natural. Fill in between these two edges. Draw with a light hand so it looks lighter that the first two edges.

Also, did you know that a smaller eyebrow arch makes your face look younger?

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