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Tuesday , 18 September 2018

Hair Tutorial: How To Fake a Bob

fake bob tutorial

The fake bob is an easy way to go from long to short without given up your tresses. Check out the step-by-step instructions to get a sophisticated bob.



1. Start by curling your hair and spray som texturizing spray in it. This hairstyle works best with a messy or curly hair to be able to hide the fakeness. Straight hair need more work!

2. Section off your hair from the ears up and put up the top section with a hairclip. Braid the lower part, roll it and secure with bobby pins.

3. Tease the upper part of the hair.

4. Gather your hair in a pony tail in the neck and tuck it in. Fasten it to the braid with bobby pins and sculpt the shape.

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