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How to Fix and Prevent Yellow Nails

prevent yellow nails

Why do nails turn yellow? The color of the nails can reflect general health as well as lifestyle and nail care habits.
Read on to find out what causes yellow nails, how to fix it, and how to keep it from coming back!


Causes of Yellow Nails

Dark pigmented nail polishes
Most commonly, yellow nails are caused by nail polish. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is by always using a clear base coat.

If you have yellow nails and don’t wear nail polish, then yellowing can be caused by a serious condition. See a doctor to rule out any serious health conditions like fungus, psoriasis, lung disease or diabetes.

Over many years of heavy tobacco use, both the nails and the skin of the fingertips can become stained yellow or yellowish-brown by the nicotine and tar from cigarettes.


How to fix yellow nails

There are some home remedies to get rid of yellow nails that are very effective.

Lemon juice
Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and will effectively get rid of yellow stains from your nails. Soak your nails in lemon juice for 10 to 15 minutes. Then use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the yellow discoloration off your nails. Do this each day until you are happy with the results. Use a nail and cuticle oil after every treatment since the lemon can dry out the nails.

Baking soda
The bleaching and exfoliating properties of baking soda can help remove stains from the nails.
Mix one tablespoon of baking soda, one-half teaspoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of lemon juice to make a thick paste. Rub the mixture on your nails using a soft toothbrush. Leave it on for about five minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water. Repeat this remedy every two weeks.

Whitening toothpaste
In order to get rid of immediate nail stains such as pink nails from wearing red nail polish, try scrubbing a whitening toothpaste on your nails using a nail brush. Remember, this is not for long-term stains.

Light buffing
The top layer of your nails is where the yellow stains are. By buffing your nails you will get rid of the top layers, removing some of the stains. Never overdo buffing, as this thins and weakens the nail. Use a clear strengthening polish after.


How to prevent yellow nails

Give your nails a break from nail polish in between manicures.

Always apply a base coat before painting on any nail polish to add a barrier of protection.

Use an acetone free nail polish remover since acetone can contribute to yellowing.

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