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How to Dye Dark Hair Pastel

dark hair pastel color

Pastel colors are amongst the hardest hair colors to achieve but they aren’t just for blondes. As a brunette you could also achieve pastels such as lavender, pink, blue or green. There is a BUT though. You have to bleach. It’s not an easy process and you get the best result if you visit a salon. First of all, your colorist will decide if your hair is in the right condition for this treatment. If you’re hair is weak, you need to skip the pastels until it’s stronger again. Also don’t forget that bleaching your hair will weaken it, so you’ll need to take well care of it after such as using hair masks and products to hydrate your hair.

If you choose to do it yourself at home, follow these tips:

If you want a red or a violet tone pastel the hair needs to be bleached to a marigold, yellow tone. If you’re looking for a pastel blue you need to bleach the hair until it’s a light yellow tone. It will take some time to get where you need to be if you have dark hair. Then apply the pastel color and let it sit as long as described on the box. Wash it off with cool water since it helps the color last longer.

Wait at least 24-48 hours before washing again.



Pastel hair requires a lot of upkeep. Use a color treatment such as Revlon Nutri Color Creme to maintain the vibrance in your pastel color. Use this as soon as you feel like the pastels are starting to come off and getting dull.

Also, use a conditioner with UV filters because pastel hair can quickly turn back to blonde with just a few hours of sun-exposure.

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