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How to Fix Broken Nails at Home

fix broken nails

You probably recognize the feeling when you finally succeeded to grow long and beautiful nails and then one of them break. We all have been going thru that. What do you do? Cut them all off? Arrgghhh… That pain in your heart when you know it will take forever to get them beautiful again. Well, I might have a solution for you. A ...

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4th of July Nail Art Inspiration

4th of july nails

It’s time to celebrate Fourth of July here in America, and that calls for a patriotic manicure. If you are into holiday-themed manicures and pedicures, check out these 12 4th of July-themed nail designs!       What do you think about Fourth of July-inspired manicures?

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How to Fix and Prevent Yellow Nails

prevent yellow nails

Why do nails turn yellow? The color of the nails can reflect general health as well as lifestyle and nail care habits. Read on to find out what causes yellow nails, how to fix it, and how to keep it from coming back!   Causes of Yellow Nails Dark pigmented nail polishes Most commonly, yellow nails are caused by nail ...

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How to remove glitter nail polish

remove glitter nail polish

Holiday season mean transforming our tips into mini disco balls. As much as we love glitter nail polish, removing the grainy texture can be a pain. To remove glitter nail polish, you don’t have to use mountains of cotton pads and gallons of polish remover. Just follow these simple tips below to make it easy on yourself.   Supplies: Cotton balls Nail ...

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Celebrity Nails From Red Carpets 2014

Paris Hilton nails 2014

Unique manis are still on-trend. Some of our most requested looks are ombré or a single foil stripe paired with a neutral polish. We’ll be rounding up the best manis from all of the award shows, from the Golden Globes to the Oscars to American Music Awards. Check out these celebrity manis from 2014s red carpets for inspiration.   Olivia ...

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27 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

halloween nail art

Halloween 2014 is coming up and not only the mask and costumes are important to a spooky look, nail art is a great way to complete your costume. If you’re looking for some nail art ideas that will transform your hands to a cool mini costume you can be inspired with these nail designs we found on instagram. From simple ...

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Anti-rape nail polish changes color when coming in contact with drugs

undercover colors

Four students at North Carolina State University came up with a idea to prevent women getting drugged. They invented a nail polish that detects chemicals commonly used to facilitate sexual assault. The nail polish changes color when it comes in contact with common rape drugs such as Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB. Women can test their drinks before taking a potentially ...

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OPI Releases Its First International Short Film


Nail polish brand OPI introduced this week its first international short film, called Instinct of Color, on YouTube. The video’s star, Lady in Black, is based on the brands Black Onyx. The video features a surrealistic dance-off between four female dancers and a horse. The song used in the clip is ‘Down the Road’ by French DJs C2C. The film’s four featured ...

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Kardashian Holiday Collection For Nicole By OPI


Nicole by OPI announces new, limited edition Kardashian Kolor Holiday lacquers for the holiday season!  Featuring six shades infused with dazzling glitters and rich shimmer, these lacquers are the essential accessory for festive fingers and toes. From rich red, deep purple and brilliant teal to shimmery gold, sparkly sliver, and multi-toned blue glitter, these spectacular shades make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. The ...

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