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Blonde Bob with Bang – Learn to Style this Gorgeous Haircut

learn to style blonde bob haircut

Bob haircuts have been a trending hairstyle for a while but this short blonde bob with bang is something else. It’s a edgy and different haircut that for sure will make you stand out. After chopping your hair off you will need to style this haircut to make it look smooth and shiny. Learn how to style this platinum blonde bob ...

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Dye Your Hair Pastel at Home – Video Tutorial for Pastel Ombre

pastel ombre hair tutorial

If you’re a blonde dying pastel hair at home is super easy with this technique. All you need is conditioner and a pastel color. The more conditioner you use the softer the color gets. This video shows you a pink and lavendel ombre with silver ends. It’s amazing how professional this color looks.  

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Latest Hair Trend: Colorful Roots

colorful roots

Roots used to be the hair stylist worst enemy, but not anymore! Colorful roots have becoming a big trend. For anyone who’s taken the platinum plunge, this is a great way to cover your roots without necessarily having to bleach them again. You can use hair chalk if you don’t want to commit to this hair trend and if you like ...

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Hair Tutorial: How To Fake a Bob

fake bob tutorial

The fake bob is an easy way to go from long to short without given up your tresses. Check out the step-by-step instructions to get a sophisticated bob.   Step-by-steps: 1. Start by curling your hair and spray som texturizing spray in it. This hairstyle works best with a messy or curly hair to be able to hide the fakeness. Straight ...

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Try Out Pastel Hair – The Hottest Celebrity Trend Right Now

pastel hair celebrities

Stars like Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, January Jones, Kelly Osbourne and Hillary Duff is wearing the season’s hottest color in their hair. Pastels. This trend that has been reserved for punks and ravers has now becoming mainstream. RELATED: January Jones in Pale Pink Hair  If you’re curious to try out this trend, why not starting to play around with hair ...

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16 Gorgeous Hairstyles Made With Colored Bobby Pins

bobby pin hairstyles

Bobby pins and hair pins are among the most basic and commonly used accessories for hair styling, but they rarely get attention. Below you can see 16 creative hairstyles made with colorful bobby pins.   1. Herringbone Braid   2. Cool Star   3. X the Up Do   4. Hashtag   5. Multi-pins   6. Triple X   7. Simple Stripes   ...

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Granny Chic – Huge Trend Among Celebrities

zoos mamet grey hair

There are various elements of vintage styles and one of them is granny chic: grey is the new hair color.  From Rihanna to Pink and Kylie Jenner, silver locks have become a new  fashion statement. Staying ahead of others and trying to be different is among the very first things that celebrities have to do, this trend gains them quite a ...

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How to Dye Dark Hair Pastel

dark hair pastel color

Pastel colors are amongst the hardest hair colors to achieve but they aren’t just for blondes. As a brunette you could also achieve pastels such as lavender, pink, blue or green. There is a BUT though. You have to bleach. It’s not an easy process and you get the best result if you visit a salon. First of all, your ...

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17 Cool Blonde Tones

cool blonde

Ash blonde, gray blonde, white blonde, cool blonde, platinum blonde. Whatever the name is they’re all cool tones of blonde. Get inspirerad and find your favorite cool blonde for 2015 among these pictures! Which one is your favorite?  

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How To Get Rid of Dry and Itchy Scalp

dry scalp

As the weather gets colder and drier, your scalp can also become a big issue with dry and itchy flakes coming off, looking like dandruff. There are many ways you can treat an itchy scalp without spending a lot of money.   Try a hot-oil mask with coconut oil Heat up coconut oil in the microwave and apply in directly ...

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