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Tuesday , 18 September 2018

4 Tricks for Brighter Eyes

bright eyes

Winged eyeliner, a light eyeliner on the waterline and the right eyeshadow can make your eyes brighter.

1. Apply black eyeliner on the eyelid, preferably a winged that will open your eyes. Avoid to apply eyeliner on the bottom line since dark circles will be enhanced by dark eye makeup.

2. A nude or light pink eyeliner on the waterline will make your eyes whiter and clearer.

3. Make the skin tone of the eyelids even with a shade that enhances your eye color. A classic trick that always works is to use contrasting colors to give your eye color a boost. Light brown shimmer lift blue eyes. Green eyes looks nice in reddish-brown rust color. Brown eyes pops with purple, blue and green tones. Gray eyes works best with black, metallic colors and deep brown colors.

4. Finish with a volume mascara.

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